As the name suggests it works like a spider where it stealthily crawls the entire URL structure and taking in as many details as possible from the URL. Check For Digital Marketing Companies in Vivid Digital.It carries out a quick check of the page titles, metadata, identifies broken links, creates the sitemap, and much more. The tool is available for free till a count of 500 URLs is scanned, for the URLs beyond this number you will have to purchase the tool.

The tool works best where:

A. It crawls and scans the website.

B. Auditing redirects.

C. Finds duplicate written content.

D. Finds broken links, secure as well as non-secure pages.

E Identifies any kind of technical issues if there are any on the website.

F. Further details available at Website.

Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool provided by Google tests as well as validates the markup language as well as structured data from the Here it validates your website’s markup data where it places the JSON-LD, microdata or RDFa inside the testing tool, or inputs the URL for a genuine markup. The tool will provide you with a report on the errors existing on the website pertaining to the markup on the website to judge how correct it is.

This tool works best where:

A. Tests the data markup.

B. Identifies and highlights markup errors.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool checks for the speed of the website as to how fast the pages are opening. The faster the speed of the website has higher chances of gaining a higher rank amidst search engines. This tool is a great page speed SEO tool which carries out a speed check on mobiles as well as desktops to see how it behaves. Further, this gives out points to your development team for improvement so that they can keep a check and improve their programming in case of any speed retardation.


This tool is amazing where:

A. Checks the websites speed.

B. Pinpoints the areas which cause the speed to slow down in the website and affect SEO and rankings.


Website Penalty Indicator

No matter how much of checking you carry out, errors are bound to happen and it is quite possible that owing to the mistake you could get penalized too. In fact, you might not be even aware when your website has been penalized. Also, all your prospective clients do check on your website history and see how it fares on the internet. Keeping this in mind you must check on your websites penalties and sought out ways on its rectifications. This is where the website penalty indicator comes to your rescue where it gives you to review and studies traffic coming to your website with SEM Rush organic traffic and also Google analytics. Thus, it is a great check tool especially when you are pitching for new clients.


This tool is great for:

A. Identifying your website’s health whenever updates happen.