Moving to the SEO stage, we have a few tools for our help which can assist us with this process. Let’s move to On Page SEO tools that can be of help.This is a free chrome extension provided to gain insights into the web pages and the on-page SEO is provided on the page. For SEO Companies in London visit Vivid SEO. This tool identifies the on-page SEO elements which comprise of the page title, any canonicals if they exist, the H1 & H2 tags and Meta descriptions existing in the page. With this tool, you can easily audit your webpage in a very hassle-free manner where you don’t need to go through the entire source code line by line.

Thus this is a very convenient tool where:

A. You can easily and quickly go through the entire code and carry out all the SEO checks.

B. Read the page title.

C. Check easily if the meta description is in place or not.

D. Review the H1 & H2 tags


The one click, easy to use chrome extension helps you scan the website which you wish to. This tool will do an audit of the website’s on-page elements which are currently present on the website. Not just this it carries out a complete scan on the website as to how user-friendly it is, how fluidic and fast it is, the speed at which it is opening and also how much the visitor remains engrossed on the website.


The Tool is great as it provides the following:

A. A detailed SEO report for you to check on

B. Grades the website on the SEO parameters so that you can easily judge how well the website fares amidst others


C. Suggests the incorporation of different exercises which can benefit the website and its standing in the long run.


A very versatile tool combining analytics of the website as well as the performance parameters of the website. The distinguishing feature of this tool is that it combines the Google analytics data as a guide for its optimization processes. It is here that the tool will take into account the websites SEO along with the social media positioning so as to carry out an analysis of the websites current status. Further, as a great tool, Quicksprout will highlight the areas which are problematic and need to be improved to give you sturdy positioning and eventually enhanced rankings.


This tool is great for:

A. Faster turnaround time in carrying out analysis.

B. Provides reports which can be easily downloaded and even exported to different formats.


C. Studies and provides great analytical reports and studies the website’s performance.

Check My Links

This is yet another chrome extension which is designed to identify any kind of broken links existing in the website. This tool simply goes through all the links on the website and checks which ones are broken and white hat links by highlighting the unwanted unhealthy ones.


Distinguishing feature:

This tool is a big asset in finding the broken links and enhances the user experience on the website and improves traffic. Read further at Website